Arnoldo   Battois


Overall different but connected by detail: this is the aim searched in the creations of each Arnoldo][Battois collection, result of careful reflection on relationship between clothes and accessories in their mutual contamination.
Bags are enriched by drawing on the workings of haute couture, clothes are thought as architectures that contain a body: a new language to experience unexplored worlds.

Accessories like dresses, complex and autonomous architectures: it’s an open project, that attempts to distance from existing idea of the bag, that produces contaminations bringing together, in a unique time, the moments of history and sedimentation of thoughts; it’s a suspended time where everything is possible: it’s the memory, the remembrance, the future made of past and future. A never-ending story, never perfect, that is continually enriched by experiences to experiment forms, volumes and texture.

Clothes as accessories, essential structures capable of define and valorise themselves just around the human figure. Evolving objects, transformable and adaptable to different situations, designed to be independent from the body proportions, but they exploit its movement to define themselves. Tunics, kimonos, cloaks, symbols of far worlds, gently emerge in these creations evoking austere sensuality and formal rigor; few elements are predetermined because just the body movement determines, instant by instant, the free drapery; also the light, using combinations of different materials, becomes complicit in this game.

Collections are born and developed in Venice, place of historical sedimentation and cultural contamination, where the glories of the Serenissima, Marco Polo’s travels and the lives of intellectuals and artists of the past still emerge in the contemporary look. City of indefinite, where everything is fragmented and reassembled under the same light, where past and present coexist in a dynamic equilibrium; it’s the Wunderkammer, which allows to rediscover the past to design the future.