Arnoldo   Battois

collection / spring-summer 2013




Arnoldo][Battois S/S 2013 collection arises from the contrast and the play between light, colors and textures, homage to 1950s American design.


Transparent friezes project their shadows in a dynamic perspective, mirror gold figures rest on backlit rubbery surfaces, rough forms in cortex leather emerge from neutral and smooth surfaces.


The collection is a continuous interplay of materials and different textures: smooth and rubbery calves contrast with soft glossy patent-leather and with rough cortex leather, gold mirror patent-leather interacts with granular snakes, transparent and backlit by reflecting calves.


The contrasts of surfaces are enhanced by colour combinations: the fullness of solid and satin colors of 1950s design – orange, lime, periwinkle blue, chalk white, fuchsia – is opposed to neutral colors such as blue-grey, medium grey, light blue, nude, earth and ivory.

The light gold illuminates the collection by the galvanic of brass accessories and the satin mirroring of calves.


The volumes are soft but structured and the lines define new interpretations of vintage through cuts and overlays, technical accessories and material contrasts.


The collection is a cool, dynamic and contemporary game.