Arnoldo   Battois

collection / spring-summer 2014

Arnoldo][Battois Spring/Summer 2014 collection is inspired by Japan of the early '900, in which the richness of tradition merges with the western world: fabrics, textures, shapes and colors were the result of contaminations and meetings of different cultures .

The printing technique kimono, combinations and shades of color, composition and decomposition of the figures, the merger between geometric and organic design, between rigid and fluid, are the starting point for testing new uses of color, texture and materials.


Vegetable tanning plongè nappa is worked in the gradations of geranium, vermilion, mauve and laminated chameleon, all finished and defined by the absolute black.

Bright white pythons, like porcelain, where we can see an indefinite light gray livery, are soft, smooth and rubbery.

Precious silk jacquard of vintage obi, which tell about flights of herons among the flowers of imaginary Japanese gardens, in shades of green gold, pale pink and dark red on a black background, they interact with archaic kidassia, black and silky, and powder blue smooth calves.

Technological black lycra, etched by an innovative polka dots, is worked with fine aniline French calves in shades of gray and ocean.

The metals are covered with mat black lacquer.


The volumes are born from the idea of ​​canonical travel bag of '900 and then they are relocated to the contemporary through slight deformations; there are also deconstructed, fast and reversible bags: this combination, through the use of different materials, creates a collection that will fascinate with its couture pieces "limited edition" and, at the same time, it meets the daily needs of a working woman.